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Personal Chef

Impress Your Guests with Personal Chef Service

Looking for the perfect culinary experience to compliment your private party or elopement? Let us take the stress away from you and help plan the perfect menu for your event. Alpen Chef, our personal chef service, is dedicated to meeting the highest standards of culinary excellence, and is now available to bring service right into your home or rental!

Our personal chef in Crested Butte, Chef Christoph, is able to cook any meal, any time, with adjustments to meet your personal preferences or dietary restrictions where possible. Whether you need a gourmet breakfast, a quiet luncheon, or a family-style dinner, he is capable of impressing and delighting you. Christoph beliefs in imaginative plates created with the finest ingredients. As much as possible, our ingredients are locally sourced, so freshness is assured.

Cooking can take place at your designated location, so everything will be piping hot – without having been reheated. This will bring a level of class, freshness, and spontaneity that takeout and delivery simply cannot provide. Furthermore, having a personal chef adds a fun, interesting element to your event that can be a bit of a conversation starter.

However, the biggest conversation starter will be the food itself: how good it tastes and how photogenic it is. To learn more about our personal chef service or make a booking, contact us today. 

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