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Personal Chef Crested Butte

Home Cooked Meals from an Experienced Professional Chef

Seeking a refined, intimate dining experience in Crested Butte? Let the culinary adventure come to you! Alpen Chef provides innovative, elevated, and most importantly, delicious menus for your private dining experiences. We offer in-home service by a personal home chef, as well as prepared meals for the busy camper and hiker. 

Your vacation should be a time to get out of the kitchen, sit back, and relax. After a long day in the Colorado wilderness, avoid the stress of cooking or going out to eat and stock your fridges with our restaurant-quality, ready-made meals. Treat yourself to an easy to heat, no mess, no fuss meal created by a professional chef using locally sourced ingredients. Our very own Chef Christoph can even create home cooked meals perfect for camping in the wilderness- no ovens or microwaves required. 

All our private meals take all your dietary requirements and preferences to heart, and include inspired dishes that fit them both. If you’ve been searching for “the best chef near me”, Christoph is an incredibly strong contender, with over 20 years of experience cooking all over Europe and at local favorites like Sunflower and Soupcon. Contact us today to start planning the menu for any private meals you want in Colorado.

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