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Private Cook

How Can You Have Home Cooked Meals Without Doing the Cooking?

There are many restaurants that promise home cooked meals, but for a variety of reasons, these establishments can't fully deliver on it. The first reason is simple: Their meals are cooked in a big commercial kitchen, not a home. This makes them not "home-cooked" by definition. Next, you have to go to a restaurant, so you either aren't eating them in the comfort of your home or you're getting take-out. When you have to get take-out, you end up with lukewarm, soggy food unless you live next door to the kitchen. Does this mean that the only way to get home cooked meals is to literally cook them yourself at home?

If you're in the vicinity of Crested Butte, you don't have to be the one to do the cooking when you want a good meal at home. Instead, our private cook is able to come to your location to prepare it for you. You'll get restaurant-quality food, but it won't be either lukewarm or rewarmed. Instead, it'll be cooked right in your home, so you will get true home cooked meals. Since we are willing to meet your dietary preferences, you'll never have to worry about what our private cook will produce. Whether you like highly gourmet fare or "good, plain, home cookin'," our chef is happy to accommodate. We can also meet requirements like avoiding allergens, sticking to vegan choices, and other popular restrictions.

Thanks to our ability to meet your preferences, you'll get the highly customized meal choices you would get if you did the cooking yourself. However, with our chef, you'll be saved from the work and you'll get the results that only a professional chef can bring.

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